What is the difference between the Elite Programme and the Work, Train & Play (WTP) Rugby Programme option?
The Elite Programme is full-time and is targeted at the aspiring professional player who believe they can, with the right training, achieve at the highest level. The WTP option is open to all rugby players who want high performance training while they work in New Zealand.
What does it cost?
The Elite Programme is a wise investment in your rugby career and the costs range from around NZD $6000 to $21,000 for the 1-5 month programme. The WTP option starts from $3500 NZ dollars and is packed with value for this one-of-its-kind gap year experience.
What are the training dates for 2016?
The Elite Programme has a 1,2, 3 and 5 month option. They start March, June and July with finish dates . The WTP has courses running from February, each year.
What happens at the end of the WTP?
Players can continue to stay in New Zealand working and playing rugby - it’s a hard life!
When is the New Zealand rugby season?
The season usually kicks off with pre-season trials and games in February/March with the club season beginning April and finishing early August.
Will there be any rugby played after the club season?
Representative teams are chosen post Club Rugby season and these merit based teams play between August and the end of October.
What are the accommodation options and what’s included?
Most players will reside in homestays which will include the following:
· Sunday to Friday (5 meals) including Public Holidays providing breakfast, dinner and weekend lunches if there is a game. Other lunches and snacks are to be the responsibility of the player.
· Satellite television
· Internet
· Own room including bed linen
What is the accommodation like?
Most players are placed in quality, Crusaders approved ‘rugby loving’ homestays.
Can I organise my own accommodation?
Yes this is possible although it must be approved by the Programme Manager.
What transport is provided?
Everyone is provided with airport transfers. We will look to providing accommodation close to the training base or rugby club you are assigned with. Club teams may also look to support you with this.
What type of person is accepted on this programme?
We are after hard working individuals, of good character who want to experience an opportunity to become better rugby players.
Where will the high performance training take place?
For the Elite Programme all training will take place at the Crusaders’ state of the art training base at Rugby Park. For the WTP some training sessions will also be held at Rugby Park.
Will I get to meet any Crusaders?
All players will get the opportunity to meet some Crusaders and watch them train. In the past we have had some of our more elite players train with the Crusaders.
Will I be able to attend Crusader matches?
Yes, all players will get a ticket to a match and have preferential purchasing ability on all other home matches.
How will I know which club side is best for me?
For a club side to be able to receive a player from our international programme they will be required to meet certain criteria. For example quality coaching, game time opportunities, weekly feedback, video analysis and transport assistance are some examples of this.
What happens if I get injured?
All players are covered by our Government’s Accident Compensation Commission (ACC). Players, however, are required to have full medical insurance as a compulsory requirement for our programme. There is a small surcharge on injury related treatment and medications. Players involved in the Elite programme will receive medical treatment at the Rugby Park base.
How do you find me a job?
Canstaff are a very experienced and trusted employment agency who specialise in recruiting international job seekers and match them up with quality roles with New Zealand. They are able to source suitable jobs dependent on your skills and experience and can place you with great clients within the Crusaders region.
Will the job conflict with my training?
Absolutely not. You are here primarily to attend the IHPU and improve your Rugby skills, and the work Canstaff will source for you will be with an employer who understands your training needs
What happens if I need extra support?
The programmes both provide Pastoral care for all players, and you will be expected to uphold the values of the Crusaders. There will be a player's agreement that you must sign on acceptance into the programme which will outline all expectations and consequences.